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 Adverbs of certainty - English Grammar Lessons Guide

Adverbs of certainty express how certain we feel about an action or event. Adverbs of certainty go before the main verb unless the main verb is 'to be', in which case the adverb of certainty goes after.

We use adverbs of certainty to say how sure we are of something. Examples are: certainly, definitely, clearly, obviously and probably. Adverbs of certainty usually go in mid-position.

Adverbs of certainty - English Grammar Lessons Guide

Adverbs of certainty - English Grammar Lessons Guide

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He definitely left the house this morning.

He surely won't forget.

He is probably in the park.

He is certainly a smart man.

If there is an auxiliary verb, the adverb of certainty goes between the auxiliary and the main verb.


He has certainly forgotten the meeting.

He will probably remember tomorrow.

He is definitely running late.

Sometimes these adverbs of certainty can be placed at the beginning of the sentence.


Undoubtedly, Winston Churchill was a great politician.

Certainly, I will be there.

Probably, he has forgotten the meeting.

When the adverb of certainty surely is placed at the beginning of the sentence, it means the speaker thinks something is true, but is looking for confirmation.


Surely you've got a bicycle.

Surely you're not going to wear that to the party.

Adverbs Of Certanity Examples

He is certainly right

Surely She is saying right

Surely I am going to School

Surely She is eating an ice-cream

Surely They are taking a Dinner

Surely We are finishing our work

Surely He are attending the English Language Class

Surely He is taking a Dinner

Surely She is completing her work

Surely They is coming here

Surely You are playing football

Surely We are learning English

Surely I am teaching English

Surely We are waiting for you

Surely She is dancing

Surely It is installing

Surely It is starting

Surely We are thinking

Surely They are drinking

Surely They are taking Classes

Surely She is making Cake

Surely He is operating Computer

Surely He is opening the door

Surely She is watching TV

Surely She is washing dishes

Surely We are Sleeping

Surely You are seeing me

Surely I am reading a book

Surely She is beating

Surely He is running

Surely We are laughing

we are certainly doing fun

I am Certainly closing a door

Certainly We are riding a bike

She is Certainly doing make-up

She is Certainly cleaning her room

Certainly They are Working with us

Certainly She is helping me

Certainly They have forgotten him

Certainly I am checking

Surely He is searching

Surely They are developing

Surely She is inventing

Surely We are living

It Certainly is running

Surely I am changing my hard drive

Surely He and you are destroying life

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